Your Personal Piece

Hello and welcome to Your Personal Piece!

The most personal gift for your loved ones – give them their very own song!

You can choose a poem that you like and I will put music to it. Or if you´re feeling like creating something yourself – write your own text and send it to me!  Trust me, it´s easier than you think – just put words to what you´re feeling and the music will turn your text into magic – touching the heart and soul of the one who is recieving your gift. 

Otherwise there is always the option of choosing an existing song and get your own personal recording of it. Or choose a couple of songs that I will turn into a personal medley.

I am a professional singer who developed this project during the pandemic. Since the pieces that has been made so far were so cherished by both buyers and receivers, I decided to continue with the project even now that the world starts to open up again.

The sky is the limit, just tell me your idea and I will make it happen!

How a Personal Piece can turn out:

Saurabh ordered this piece as a birthday present for his wife. Here’s a little sneak peek on how it turned out:

Price list

The price depends on the length of the song:
(a recording of an already existing song)
Up to one minute: 92 pounds 
Up to two minutes: 150 pounds
Up to three minutes: 208 pounds
(you write or choose a text, I put music to it and record it)
Up to one minute: 125 pounds 
Up tp two minutes: 215 pounds
Up to three minutes: 290 pounds
Vat included in all prices.
Please send me a message and I will help you to create the best gift ever!
Lots of love

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