Your Personal Piece

Hello and welcome to Your Personal Piece!

When I was unemployed as an opera singer during the corona crisis, I developed a project to help people give away the perfect cultural gift to friends, familly, colleagues, or to them selves.

Since the pieces that has been made so far were so cherished by both buyers and receivers, I decided to continue with the project even now that the world starts to open up again.

Maybe you have a friend who´s birthday is coming up and you would really like to give them something special and unique.
Just let me know your friend´s name and which kind of music he or she likes and I will arrange and record your choice of birthday song especially for them.

Or maybe you have written a beautiful poem for your loved one that you would like me to turn into a serenade? They will not only get the recording, but also a beautiful piece of handwritten music for the person to keep as a memory or even to frame and hang on the wall.

Maybe you have a friend who´s expecting a child and you would like to give them their very own lullaby to sing for their baby.

Or, let´s say your Grandmother is turning 80. She´s not able to host that party that she was planning to and you, therefore, can´t give that speech that you would have liked to.
Just send me that speech, tell me what kind of music your grandmother likes and I will set music to your text and record the song for you. Your nana will be thrilled to get something so personal from you at a time when you´re probably not able to see each other.

Here´s another thought: Maybe you wrote a fantastic piece of poetry as a child and you´ve always wanted someone to put music to it. Well, here´s your chance!

The sky is the limit, just tell me your idea and I will make it happen!

If you want to have your personal recording of an already existing piece, that is of course also possible.

I am in contact with many other musicians who specialize in different genres, so if you would like your personal piece to be accompanied by a certain instrument, we could make that work too.

Saurabh ordered this piece as a birthday present for his wife. Here’s a little sneak peek on how it turned out:

Price list

Up to one minute: 110 Euros
plus 70 Euros for each additional started minute
Up to one minute: 150 Euros
plus 90 Euros for each additional started minute.
Vat included in all prices.
Please send me a message with your idea and I will get back to you!
Please specify the following:
  • if you would like an arrangement of a song or a composition for a text
  • for several voices or accompanied by an instrument of your choice
  • when you need your piece delivered