Himani Grundström

“A name to remember in the opera world.”

“Her dedication and maturity charm and impress as much as her expression and sense of drama.”

Nyström, Hudiksvalls Tidning

“Himani Grundström presented the “Laudate Dominum” from Mozart’s Vesperae solennes extremely impressively with her magnificent soprano voice.”

“The orchestra then accompanied the soprano Himani Grundström one last time. The focal point of the aria “Auf starkem Fittiche” by J. Haydn was the description of nature in the bird world.
Himani Grundström rejoiced about their creation with a clear bell-like voice.”

Pils, Eisenbahner-Musikverein

“With a warm, soulful voice, soprano Himani Grundström continued with the opening words “There’s a place for us” from Bernstein’s “Somewhere”.”

Traunsteiner Tagblatt